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NYS PTA Offers Back to School Message,  Launches New Online Membership Portal for Better Family Engagement 

Posted September 6, 2016



NYS PTA welcomes school children, educators, parents and families Back to School.  

“The new school year is always a time of great excitement and promise, it’s a time to think about the dreams that children have, it’s a time to work together – parents, families and educators - to make every child’s potential a reality,” said Bonnie Russell, NYS PTA President. “Let’s work together, ‘everychild.onevoice.®’”  

See the NYS PTA Back to School message here:  

Also, NYS PTA has launched a new online membership portal to support better family engagement and communications across the state.  

 “It is now easier than ever to join with the hundreds of thousands of dedicated parents, families, educators and community members to support our children,” said President Russell. “This new system allows for parents, families and educators to easily indicate they would like to volunteer and participate in PTA activities and to have a voice in their child’s education.”  

NYS PTA has recently launched a number of new initiatives and programs, including an every other week email to parents and families across the state, has submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Education on concerns over regulations relating to the Every Student Succeeds Act, and is beginning a new Advocacy program to connect members with their legislators locally.  

“PTA has done some amazing things in the past, and looks forward to continued advocacy for our children,” said Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA 1st Vice President. “Did you know that PTA helped bring kindergarten to schools, and that we successfully advocated for a separate juvenile justice system? PTA helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act, and NYS PTA was instrumental in ensuring that every child had a seat on the bus.”  

Executive Director Kyle Belokopitsky added, “Recently, we have fiercely advocated for resources and support for heroin and opioid treatment and prevention, NYS PTA is advocating restricting marketing of e-cigarettes to children, members are currently working with educators to review the New York education standards, and PTA’s Reflections program is a nationwide leader in support of arts and music education.”  

Donna Imobersteg, the NYS PTA Vice President tasked with membership offered, “This new system makes membership so easy and will enable parents to join with other families in their school districts to advocate for continued investments and commitments to programs and services for students.”  

 “Anyone, anywhere can be a NYS PTA member,” said Lori Fontana, NYS PTA Membership Coordinator. “By simply clicking onto our link, you can search by your school district name to sign up for membership. And if your district doesn’t have a PTA, you can still join by becoming a member of the Empire State PTSA unit. Empire State PTSA serves all districts, parents and families that are not affiliated with a PTA.”  

new membership system can be found here: