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PARP LogoThe National PTA Reflections Art Program encourages students to create works of art for fun and positive recognition. Since 1969, the Reflections Program has been bringing families, schools and communities together in support of student success through the arts.


Does your PTA take part in the PTA Reflections Program?

Any PTA/PTSA in good standing is eligible to sponsor a Reflections Program.

A local PTA may choose to advance Reflections entries to the next level of recognition. The rules, forms and resources necessary for advancing Reflections entries can be found in right-hand column.  

2012-2013 Reflections Award Winners - "The Magic of a Moment"

National Level - New York Students Only - click here


State Level - Comprehensive List of Winners - click here

Reflections Theme Search

Students’ shaping the direction for each Reflections program year is one of National PTA's greatest points of pride. Each year, National PTA challenges students from across the country to submit theme ideas for the Reflections program. The student who submits the winning entry receives a cash award and his/her theme is used as the foundation for the Reflections program in a following year.  

National PTA is looking for the 2015-2016 Reflections Program Theme. Is your PTA challenging students to submit ideas to the National PTA Theme Search Contest?  

Deadline: October 18, 2013

2015-2016 Theme Search Entry Form and Instructions - click here

Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant Program

The Mary Lou Anderson Reflections Arts Enhancement Grant Program is designed to encourage PTAs to implement student-centered programs focused on arts education. National PTA provides matching grants of up to $1,000 through a competitive grant process to PTAs to enhance arts education through activities, materials, new technologies, techniques and visiting artists programs. Applications will be availablestarting January 6, 2014 and due March 14, 2014.  To learn more visit the National PTA web site at