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Summer Leadership Conference (SLC)

PRESS RELEASE - July 20, 2016 

NYS PTA Members to Convene at Utica College for Summer Leadership Conference, to discuss critical issues facing students and schools    

Hundreds of parents and educators will attend a three-day conference at Utica College, as they continue their mission to support New York’s students, families, educators and schools.  

“The NYS PTA Summer Leadership Conference gives parents and educators an opportunity to discuss critical issues facing our students, offers training on how to effectively advocate and offers solutions on how we can best support our children,” says NYS PTA President Bonnie Russell.  

Forty-seven different workshops include training on supporting special education parents, increasing membership and advocacy, combating drug use in communities, engaging males in PTA activities and other important issues such as school aid, tax cap, community schools, family engagement, transition to the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and assessments.  

“Parents want to increase their involvement on issues that affect their children, and NYS PTA is proud to offer opportunities and a collective voice to be heard.”  Russell adds, “Summer Leadership allows parent advocates to work together to support students, parents, educators and staff in our schools to see that each child, no matter their zip code, receives a full, supportive and high-quality education.”  

NYS PTA’s new Executive Director Kyle McCauley Belokopitsky offered this of her first Summer Leadership Conference, “I am amazed, and humbled, each and every day at the dedication and commitment of parents, from Long Island to Buffalo, from the North Country to the Southern Tier, in supporting every child.  

“Thank you to the millions of New York parents for what you do - each and every child in New York is one step ahead because of the dedication of PTA members, your hard work and commitment to our children’s success. Together, we will do amazing things to support our children and schools.”  

One of the highlights of the Summer Leadership Conference is a service project coordinated by our state Youth Member. This year NYS PTA will be proudly collecting supplies for the Watson Williams Elementary School in Utica, NY and will present those supplies to their principal, Dr. Cheryl Minor, on Saturday evening.


When: July 22-24, 2016

Where: Utica College, Utica, New York

Visitor Guide to Utica for your information!

Click here for SLC 2016 Workshop materials.

Summer Leadership Conference (known as SLC) is an annual event designed to provide training and programs to all local PTA members, helping them to establish grass-roots advocacy in their schools and preparing them to be key leaders in their education community. Held on a college campus, Summer Leadership is casual and fun. Attendees enjoy college dorms, campus food and college classroom resources.