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NYS PTA Events 

NYS PTA offers many opportunities for members to participate in leadership training, grassroots advocacy, networking and governance of the association. Many of these opportunities are also available within each of our 16 Region PTAs.

NYS PTA Events

Leg/Ed Conference 2014

March is PTA Advocacy Month and there are many ways PTA members can become involved in advocacy. On a date around the beginning of March, NYS PTA offers its annual Legislation/Education Conference, providing current information on hot topics and long-standing issues. Presentations and panel discussions are given by New York State Department of Education officials, as well as other education and health partners, and members of the NYS PTA Board of Directors. Open to all interested PTA members, this Conference offers specific advocacy training and ways of accessing resources that can benefit the local PTA and school community.

SLC 2014

Summer Leadership Conference (known as SLC) is an annual event designed to provide training and programs to all local PTA members, helping them to establish grass-roots advocacy in their schools and preparing them to be key leaders in their education community. Held on a college campus, Summer Leadership is casual and fun. Attendees enjoy college dorms, campus food and college classroom resources.

Convention 2013

Our Annual State Convention is held in November each year. Delegates from across the state meet to elect state PTA officers, amend the state bylaws when necessary and conduct other business as authorized by the bylaws. It is here that PTA policy is determined as delegates have a voice in the decision making process. Workshops are also offered on current issues, advocacy and leadership training. Speakers are also featured and state awards are presented. NYS PTA's legislative policies are reviewed and updated annually through the resolution process.

Region PTA Events

Each of the fifteen administrative arms of the NYS PTA, known as Region PTAs, offer various events throughout the year. Spring Conference is the Annual Meeting (or Convention) for the units and councils within the PTA Region. Each of the Regions also has their own Reflections Deadline; they will be posted when available.